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NCF Diagnostics Lab Renovation


NCF Diagnostics and DNA Technologies


Alachua, FL


September 2019

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This project consisted of the complete renovation of NCF Diagnostics and DNA Technologies' existing office space to be converted into laboratory space.

During construction, the office space remained fully active and occupied by administrative and research staff. Our team coordinated a special construction schedule to ensure ongoing operations for the User group was not disturbed.

The project scope of work involved the demolition of the existing space including the removal of flooring and studs, new partition walls, new plumbing, electrical, HVAC, flooring, and casework.

With the company remaining fully operational during construction, our team provided a higher level of service by maintaining a clean and safe environment. Due to the sensitive nature of the active lab spaces, maintenance of negative air pressure was extremely important during construction to protect the operative lab spaces from construction debris particulates.

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