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Trade partners & vendors

The Elevated Design & Construction team is dedicated to going above and beyond to build relationships and strong trade partnerships with subcontractors in our community.

In an effort to streamline the invoice and payment process Elevated is moving to a new invoice processing system beginning June 15th. This new system will allow us to process invoices more efficiently, making it easier to remit payments to our trusted partners.  

All changes and updates are highlighted in the sections below. 

  • Job Name & Payment ID
    Beginning June 15th, all submitted invoices must notated in the appropriate area with the job name and a payment ID to ensure prompt processing. The corresponding payment ID(s) will be included in your initial contract with Elevated Design & Construction or can be provided by request.
  • NET 10 & NET 30
    The standard payment time for Elevated Design & Construction is NET30, meaning we have 30-days to pay the total amount of the invoice from the date a viable invoice is processed. A viable invoice is considered an invoice that contains all necessary job identifiers (job name and payment ID), as well as accurately billed work. The standard NET30 timeframe allows time to receive payment for work performed from the client and ensure all scopes have been completed and/or have passed all necessary inspections. Requests for expedited payment remittance (Net 10) will incur a rapid payment fee of 2% of the total invoice amount. 
  • Invoice Processing Time
    Invoice processing timeframes are based on the submittal date of a viable invoice. Invoices submitted by EOD Wednesday of the current week will be processed with that week’s payments. If an invoice is submitted after the current weeks cutoff (EOD Wednesday), it will be batched and processed with the upcoming week's invoices. Example: If you submit a viable invoice on June 14th (Tuesday), we will begin processing on June 15th (Wednesday). However, if you submit a viable invoice on June 16th(Thursday), processing will not begin until the Wednesday of the following week (June 22nd). Following this timeline, Elevated will remit payment no later than Friday, July 22nd.
  • Submitting Invoices
    To ensure prompt processing, all invoices should be submitted electronically to . Sending an invoice to your project manager, or another member of the Elevated staff does not ensure your invoice will be processed. You may copy them on the email, but you must include Questions about what information needs to be on your invoice? Check out our invoice submission checklist!
  • Invoice Template
    Beginning June 15, we will only accept invoices that contain the following information on a formal invoice template: job code, payment ID, invoice number, date, contact information, and descriptions of goods and services. If you already submit formal invoices containing this information, no action is required. For our partners who do not currently use a formal invoice template, please use the Elevated Design & Construction standard invoice template moving forward. This template is available to download and print anytime or copies can be provided to you at your request. Questions about what information needs to be on your invoice? Check out our invoice submission checklist!
  • Contract Updates
    Payment Terms (Net 10 & Net 30) The standard payment time for Elevated Design & Construction is Net 30. Requests for expedited payment remittance (Net 10) will incur a rapid payment fee of 2% of the total invoice amount.  Payment ID All contracts will contain a Payment ID that is specific to the scope of work to be completed. Liquidated Damages Please review contract for a new clause regarding the assessment of liquidated damages to subcontractors if delays to the completion of the project are caused by the acts or omissions of the subcontractor. A sample of this added clause is provided below: PASS-THROUGH AND LIQUIDATION OF CLAIMS If any dispute between CONTRACTOR and SUBCONTRACTOR arises out of the Contract Documents or any action of the Owner/Architect/Engineer, SUBCONTRACTOR is bound to CONTRACTOR to the same extent that CONTRACTOR is bound to Owner, by the terms of the Contract Documents, and by any and all preliminary and final decisions or determinations made in any such action. If any such dispute arises out of, without limitation, changed work, extra work, active interference by the Owner and its professionals, unforeseen site conditions, delays, errors and omissions in the Plans, or fraudulent/negligent misrepresentation by the Owner/Architect/Engineer, SUBCONTRACTOR will comply with all provisions of the Contract Documents allowing a reasonable time for CONTRACTOR to analyze and forward to Owner any required correspondence communications or documentation. If CONTRACTOR determines that a valid basis exists for SUBCONTRACTOR’s claim, CONTRACTOR may, at its option and sole discretion: (1) present the claim to the Owner in CONTRACTOR’s name; or (2) authorize SUBCONTRACTOR to present their claims to the Owner in CONTRACTOR’s name to the same extent that CONTRACTOR is permitted to do so by the terms of the Owner-Contractor agreement. If such a dispute is prosecuted or defended by CONTRACTOR against Owner under the terms of the Owner-Contractor agreement, or in court action, SUBCONTRACTOR agrees to furnish all documents, statements, witnesses, and other information required by CONTRACTOR for such purpose and will bear the full cost of and sole responsibility for prosecuting such action. If CONTRACTOR is bringing a concurrent claim against the Owner/Architect/Engineer, CONTRACTOR shall have the absolute discretion to sponsor SUBCONTRACTOR’s claim within its own claim and SUBCONTRACTOR shall pay a pro-rata portion of attorney’s fees and costs for presentation of said claims. CONTRACTOR is only liable to SUBCONTRACTOR to the extent of CONTRACTOR’s actual recovery and successful collection from the Owner for each claim or extra, less CONTRACTOR’s cost associated with pursuing the claim or extra; with said recovery being an absolute condition precedent to recovery by SUBCONTRACTOR. CONTRACTOR is under no obligation to passthrough SUBCONTRACTOR’s claim, and furthermore, SUBCONTRACTOR fully releases CONTRACTOR of any and all liability associated with the claim(s), and agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless CONTRACTOR for any damages, attorney’s fees, costs, or other losses associated with or incurred by CONTRACTOR as a result of sponsoring, passing through, or failing to sponsor or pass-through SUBCONTRACTOR’s claim(s). In the event CONTRACTOR elects to pass-through SUBCONTRACTOR’s claim, CONTRACTOR shall provide SUBCONTRACTOR with a limited assignment of rights under the Owner-Contractor agreement to pursue said claim without the involvement of CONTRACTOR. LIQUIDATED DAMAGES FOR DELAY SUBCONTRACTOR represents that it has satisfied itself as to any provision in the Contract Documents concerning liquidated damages and agrees that if CONTRACTOR is assessed liquidated damages by Owner as the result, in whole or in part, of any act or omission of SUBCONTRACTOR, then CONTRACTOR is entitled to recover the same from SUBCONTRACTOR and may withhold payment, or portions thereof, otherwise due to SUBCONTRACTOR. In addition, SUBCONTRACTOR agrees to reimburse CONTRACTOR for any loss or damage, including damages that may become due to Owner, under the Contract Documents and for any extra expenses incurred by CONTRACTOR that result from SUBCONTRACTOR’s failure to timely deliver any and all materials or SUBCONTRACTOR’s failure to timely perform any and all Work to CONTRACTOR’s and Owner's and architect’s satisfaction.

We are committed to providing opportunities for the entire subcontracting community, including small, minority, women-owned, and other DBE firms. 


We believe that “personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, and all achievement in real life grow."

If you are interested in working with Elevated as a vendor or subcontractor please contact us at (352) 872-5994 or email us at

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